Scholarship Information

General Information

General Information

General Scholarship information:

  • Stone Ledges Scholarships will be awarded to high school seniors or a previous recipients.
  • No recipient may be awarded a scholarship more than two times.
  • The intent of these scholarships are to financially help a student pursue a postsecondary education in a specified trade area, directly related to his / her high school program, giving preference to a student pursuing a two year education at a Career Tech college or two year college as this was our benefactors primary goal upon starting this foundation.
  • A high school applicant must be enrolled in a career tech secondary workforce program that is part of the Four Cities Compact.  Students in a career tech program that is not under the Four Cities Compact direction are not eligible.
  • A high school applicant must qualify for a Career tech certificate upon completion of a career tech program by the end of his / her senior year.
  • A high school applicant must meet all requirements to graduate from his / her high school including paying all fees to the home and program schools.
  • A previous scholarship recipient must be pursuing a postsecondary education and be a student in good standing.
  • All Scholarships are a one-time monetary award.  A previous recipient is NOT guaranteed a renewal of a the previous year’s scholarship but is eligible to apply for a renewal.  His / her application will be given special consideration during the review process.
  • The number of scholarship awarded and the scholarship amounts will vary based on the sole discretion of the Stone Ledges Scholarship Committee.  The committee members will use their best judgements on how to distribute available funds based on the completed applications (including all required attachments) received by the listed deadline of March 15, 2018.  Applications received after this date will NOT be considered.
  • Monetary scholarship funds will be sent directly to the recipients institute of higher education to be used towards tuition, fees, on campus room and board, books, supplies, and other equipment including a computer.
  • Since this scholarship is intended to aid in postsecondary education financial support, all applicants must complete a FAFSA ( Free Application for Federal Student Aid) prior to applying for this scholarship and report their score on the application.
Who is eligible

Applicant must be a student at Barberton, Copley, Norton, or Wadsworth and a member of the career technical program

Students MUST be enrolled and successfully com.pleting a Career Tech program that is officially under the umbrella of the Four Cities Compact.  Programs that are “technical” but not listed in the catalogue as Four Cities Compact programs are not eligible.


These scholarships are for students who are continuing in career technical training in their area of high school study.

WE ARE NOT NECESSARILY LOOKING FOR THE HIGHEST G.P.A. OR THE MOST INVOLVED STUDENTS.  What IS important is that the student have a passion for the area of study and has been successful in that area through high school.


  • Enrolled and will successfully complete a Four Cities Educational Compact program
  • Plans to continue post-secondary education related to high school program.
  • Has specific goals for education, career, and life.
  • Must have all fees paid at both home and program schools (sign off by a school administrator).
  • Must provide acceptance letter from a college.
  • Completed application package.

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